FormaggItalia: event to promote Italian cheeses

FormaggItalia: event to promote Italian cheeses

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THE cheeses they are one of the most important gastronomic products of our country, both from the point of view of quality and exclusivity and from the point of view of the economic contribution to the food sector.

Over 40 cheeses have obtained the D.O.P. (Protected Designation of Origin) which protect the production districts and the final consumer, according to the provisions of the C.E.E. 2081/92.

FormaggItalia, the event dedicated to typical Italian cheeses and dairy products

From 27 to 29 October, Milan will be the starting point of FormaggItalia, the event that will host over 50 carefully selected exhibitors from all over Italy, who will present unique products with the aim of reconstructing the territorial mapping of both traditional and modern Italian dairy art.

Not only producers will participate in the event, but also refiners and consortia, offering further value for visitors and operators in the sector.

FormaggItaliawill be held in the Cloister of Magnolia, located inside the prestigious building of the Fondazione delle Stelline, in the heart of Milan.

3 days will be dedicated to the art of dairy products of excellence for true connoisseurs. Made in collaboration with ONAF (National Organization of Cheese Tasters), FormaggItalia will allow the general public, as well as Milanese operators, distributors and restaurateurs, to get in touch with the best Italian DOP-IGP-STG-PAT brands also thanks to guided tastings, which will allow you to discover cheeses in combination with a selection of products carefully studied complementaries such as wines, jams and honeys.
The exhibition is part of a panorama dedicated to excellent food by now consolidated in the city and will have 3 fundamental points:craftsmanship, in the processing of products; there quality, with products mirroring the gastronomic cultural heritage of our country; L'uniqueness, thanks to the presence of exceptional exhibitors.

To get some more information on the role of Italian cheeses we reached Dr. Laberto Rubini, Organizer of the Formaggitalia exhibition ...

Drafting of IdeeGreen: "Dr. Rubini cheeses are an Italian cultural heritage: tell us about your initiative "

dr. Rubies: “FormaggItalia was born from a personal passion for a product that is an integral part of our Italian agri-food heritage: cheese.

There is no province, but one should almost say an Italian municipality, which does not have its own cheese. A reality deeply rooted in our territory, which reflects its culture and tradition. Today we are witnessing an important generational change, which opens up to young people a profession often handed down from father to son and which therefore reflects their family characteristics and nuances. Because the medium-small dairy is still managed by the family today, which holds the artisan culture and the working discipline cadenced by the seasons, by the months and by the daily working hours. It is not an easy job, and having visited so many small producers has allowed me to appreciate even more deeply that on their own, without any fuss, they still manage to bring unique and inimitable flavors to our tables, guaranteeing quality made of passion, sacrifice and great technical preparation.

All this I will want to transfer and present it to FormaggItalia in a metropolis like Milan where hurry and punctuality travel on parallel tracks. And those who come to FormaggItalia at the Palazzo delle Stelline at the end of October will have the opportunity to discover how time, speaking of cheeses, is a variable that forces us to stop, reflect, look and savor this great cultural heritage of ours. "

Drafting of IdeeGreen: "Cheeses are also a valuable contribution to our economy: what is the turnover of this sector?"

dr. Rubies: Certainly yes, just consider that theItaly is among the first countries in the world for cheese consumption: 20 kg per year / average, an increase compared to meat. Furthermore, our dairy heritage boasts a world record of over 500 types of cheeses and more than 50 DOP. Here comes the eternal war of primates with our cousins ​​from across the Alps where each declares a primacy over the latter. Let's say in this regard that the French have a much more vertical specialization than ours, with a very wide range of soft cheeses. On the other hand, we are winning over hard cheeses, but with a much more horizontal offer. Just think of the differences we are able to produce, including stretched pastas such as mozzarella and scamorza, and the great hard cured cheeses such as Parmigiano and Grana.

More than turnover, it is important to focus on dairy production which in 2016 exceeded one million and two hundred thousand tons, after two unsatisfactory years. A sector that can still express many opportunities: just think that this production is for the most part (one million tons) coming from cow's milk. In fact, especially in the goat cheese we are observing an important increase in production.

Another positive figure is provided by exports which in 2016 recorded growth of more than 8% compared to 2015

Then there is a discussion to be made about our territorial reality, too often not cohesive and still far from the concept of "creating a system". There is certainly a lot of work to be done on this aspect and the example of what has been done in the wine sector is certainly worth following.

For more information on the Formaggitalia exhibition and to consult the program of the exhibition which will be available shortly, I suggest you visit the official website: