Phrases about the sun

Phrases about the sun

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Phrases about the sun, because "The sun is new every day" as Heraclitus reminds us, and it is good to greet him every day with a new phrase. Samuel Beckett, however, shows us another type of interpretation, reminding us that “The sun shines: it has no other choice, nothing new”. Let's see that phrases and what thoughts the sun inspired, known or less known people, then trying to create our own aphorisms.

Famous phrases about the sun

"Rice is the sun that drives the winter away from the human face," he said Victor Hugo and he is quite right. I hope this phrase will become more and more famous because it could change the fate of many peoples. Pablo Picasso gives us another of the most famous phrases about the sun: "There are painters who paint the sun as a yellow spot, but there are others who, thanks to their art and intelligence, transform a yellow spot into the sun".

Also famous as Tolstoy speaks of the sun in Anna Karenina: "He lowered his eyes, to avoid staring at it, as if it were the sun, but he saw it, like the sun, even without looking at it"

Phrases about the sun: songs

How many songs are about the sun, are inspired by the sun and name it from top to bottom. Here are just a few titles, but others will certainly come to mind.

Lucio Battisti - The song of the sun,

The Beatles - Here comes the sun,

Norah Jonoes - Sunrise,

Capurro / Di Capua - 'O my sun,

Jovanotti - A ray of sunshine

Phrases about sun and sea

Sun and sea is a very popular combination. Famous authors like Banana Yoshimoto, “In the cities without the sea… who knows who people turn to to find their balance… maybe to the Moon…”. Also Sandy Gingras takes us to the sea: “At the sea life is different. You don't live by the hour but by the moment. We live according to the currents, we adjust to the tides and we follow the course of the sun ”.

Phrases about sunrise

One of the moments of the day that is most inspiring is the sunset, yet even the sunrise has a unique charm. Unfortunately, it is often too early to be admired by most, including myself. Stefano Benni he gives us a scene described as follows: "Inside a ray of sunshine that enters the window, sometimes we see life in the air. And we call it dust ”.

Going back through the years, we find Gaius Valerius Catullus who writes “The sun can set and then rise again. We, on the other hand, once our short day goes out, we face the sleep of an endless night ”.

Phrases about the sun in English

In English he wrote a lot Shakespeare, but I want to quote a special author who gives us a special phrase: "Happiness is like when you suddenly swallow a shining slice of sun in the afternoon". She is really special and she is Katherine Mansfield.

Phrases about the sun and the moon

In addition to sun and sea, sun and moon are also a well-established and loved couple. Let's see the phrases that describe them best.
If the Sun and the Moon were to doubt | They would immediately go out. William Blake
She was tall in stature and the sun's fire shone on the gold of her flesh, while all the mysteries of love slept in the night of her hair. Paul Gauguin
Then we have a nice Little Prince dialogue, written by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
One day I saw the sun go down forty-three times!
And later you added:
"You know ... when you are very sad you love sunsets ..."
"On the day of the forty-three times were you so sad?"
But the little prince did not answer.

Other phrases about the sun, to be found in the book Staring at the sun by Irvin D. Yalom

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